The Teotihuacan Valley in 1961 (by William G. Mather, III)

The Teotihuacan Valley in 1961 (by William G. Mather, III)
The Teotihuacan Valley prior to the urban expansion of Mexico City. Notice the Sun and Moon Pyramids in the center and the edge of Lake Texcoco on the right.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 2 - A Beautiful Day for Cerro Gordo

Today we went back to Rancho Huixcoloco to meet Don Angel, Don Nabor and Don Mario while they shuck corn. But we couldn’t find them. Instead we walked around back and found Don Nabor who was grazing horses and burros. We talked to him and he remembered Don Jorge and Don Jose. We showed him some pictures and he got interested. He liked seeing them. He said he remembered when the first film was made but he may be confused with another commercial film done in the hacienda about Pancho Villa (according to Gustavo Lezama, the guard we met today and was extremely helpful in comparison to yesterday’s guard). We offered to play the movie to Don Nabor and his family and he liked the idea and agreed to meet with us on Monday at 3pm. Don Nabor seemed to also know Aniceto Martinez, the plowing farmer from Land and Water.

We then went to the back entrance of the hacienda and were taking some shots when Gustavo Lezama, the guard for the day showed up and asked us what we were doing. We explained to him the project and he then said he understood the importance of what we were doing and agreed to let us inside the hacienda. We walked around the property with him and he then allowed Kirk to take the camera with him and take some pictures of the church, tinacal, and living quarters. Gustavo told us to come back on Sunday at 4:30pm and he would let us inside again.

Next, I came out and filmed the outside of the hacienda. We then left for Cerro Gordo. Finding the old road to the summit was relatively easy and we got some great footage and stills. The previous day's rainstorm really cleared the valley out. Incredible views.

After returning from Cerro Gordo we stopped at Santiago Atolman. We asked at the pasteleria at the zocalo when the Christians and Moors celebration takes place. We were told there are three of them: May 13 (aparicion de Santiago Apostol), July 25 (San Santiago Apostol) and September 3.

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