The Teotihuacan Valley in 1961 (by William G. Mather, III)

The Teotihuacan Valley in 1961 (by William G. Mather, III)
The Teotihuacan Valley prior to the urban expansion of Mexico City. Notice the Sun and Moon Pyramids in the center and the edge of Lake Texcoco on the right.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 4 - La Especial and a Cute Little Lamb

The morning was spent catching up on field notes and writing questions to ask Don Luis and his friends. We left the hotel around 11:30am and went over to Rancho Huixcoloco to tell Gustavo that we would not be able to meet with him later in the day. We were told that he does not work as a guard at the hacienda anymore. He had been moved. We assume that he got into trouble yesterday for letting us into the hacienda. We felt pretty bad. But we soon got over it.

We arrived in San Juan Teotihuacán around 12:30pm and took some footage of the zocalo. We soon mosied into La Especial and met with Don Luis, Don Humberto Pineste Montemibio (Don Luis's cousin), and Maurilio Vega Suarez. Don Humberto remembered Sanders and crew very well. Maurilio is a local historian who had a bag full of pictures (photo copies of photo copies of photographs). He did not know Sanders but was very interested in talking to Maria about everything. He showed here about 5 million photographs. Again, I felt kind of bad about this. And yet again, I soon got over it. The tequila helped.

Next came the barbacoa. And this barbacoa had all the trimmings (kidneys, liver, lungs, etc.). Maria and I sucked it up and had 6 tacos of each of this amazingly grotesque, but delicious, cute little lamb.

I then set up the camera and filmed these old timers watch Land and Water. It wasn’t the reaction I was hoping for. It was in a bar and there were a lot of distractions. They seemed more impressed with the outtakes. Maria thinks this has something to do with the English narrative in the film versus the silence of the outtakes. We also interviewed each of them after the film to get their reactions.

After the film, we drank and talked, and drank, and laughed, and drank a little more. It was a great afternoon and making those contacts is invaluable.

We ended the day in true Norte Americano style by watching the New Orleans Saints spank the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl and ordering a pizza from Don Mincho's Pizzeria.

A fine day.


  1. Boy, you found my favorite pizza joint south of New Haven!

  2. montemibio it's in fact Monterrubio, I met Maurilio Vega some years ago, and maybe i wrote some og his documents, but I need to translate it cause all of them are in spanish. See you Mexican Guy Alberick Vistrain